How to create your first project in flexilio

Teams and projects

In order to work on a project in flexilio, people are organized in teams.
Each user has got one or more teams which he owns and is allowed to manage. At first the user is the only member of the team. You can create and manage as many teams as you need.
Invite other people to your team in order to allow them to work on your projects. All members in a team have access to the projects of this team.

Create your first project in flexilio

A project is owned by a team. Even if you want to use flexilio on your own, you're a member of your own team.
In order to create a new project, got to your dashboard. On the top you see the button to create a new project.


Clicking the button opens a dialog where you can enter a project name and select the team. After entering this information, click on the OK button.


The project is created and displayed on the dashboard below your team name. Now you can add details about the project on its homepage. Click on the project name in the left sidebar.
This opens the project homepage containing the description. This text can be anything, from general specifications to project goals or other important information.
Your new project contains some sample content to get you started quickly. In order to modify the project description, simply double-click the text. 
Since you're the project owner, this page also allows you to rename, deactivate, or delete the project if you need to do so later.


The project's board

The sidebar on the left of your your project homepage contains all links in order to navigate within your project. Click on "Board" to go to your project's board.
The board gives you the overview over the current work in your project. When your project was created, apart from some sample content a default process has been set up for you in order you can start working right away.
Your project board has got 3 different states: ToDo, In Progress and Done.


Currently, your project and board only contains one story card and one task. You can create more story and task cards directly on the board. Let's create another task. On your first story card, simply click on the button with the plus sign.

In the task dialog, enter your task text, select a card color and optionally assign it to yourself. As soon as you invite more people into your team, you can select among the different team members.

New tasks always appear in the first state on the board.

In order to edit a task's text or assign it to somebody else, simply double-click it or select the menu item from the task menu which appears when you move the mouse over a task.

Now that we have another task on our board, let's move it across the board to the next state to indicate we're working on it. You can drag a task card by grabbing it on the top bar.


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