What is flexilio?

flexilio is a simple and lightweight agile project management solution. It's designed to be easy to use and it works great for personal projects or for teams.
It was inspired by some of the principles of lean manufacturing which aim to eliminate waste in a production system. Essentially, lean is centered on making obvious what adds value by reducing everything else.
Don't worry if you have never heard of these methods. flexilio is is easy and accessible. Its intuitive setup makes sure you don't have to know these methodologies to use it.

We have launched flexilio because many of the tools we were using are way too complex, difficult to handle or at some point force you to follow along a defined process or workflow.

How does flexilio work?

In flexilio you organize your work visually on a board. This board has got columns which represent the different states your work is going through to be considered complete. The number of columns and their appearance can be customized easily in order to match your or your teams way of working.
You start by attaching story cards to the board. A story can contain several tasks which are then moved to the right through the state columns. Once a task has reached the last state on the board, it is done.

Who should use flexilio?

Anyone who is looking for a way to manage and organize (project) work more effectively can benefit from flexilio. Our customers do have a variety of backgrounds from retail and sales to manufacturing to software engineering. Even people looking to manage their household or private duties and tasks use flexilio.

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